St James'CE VA Primary School

Creating a school family founded upon Christian values

  • love
  • hope
  • peace
  • joy
  • forgiveness
  • compassion
  • honesty
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • koinonia

rainbowThe Rainbow

We use the rainbow to illustrate our commitment to our children and to each other. In the Bible, God sent Noah a rainbow as a sign of His promise. We believe that God loves each of us, and it is our promise that we will love, look after and care for our children in the best way possible. We ask our children to 'show the rainbow' by looking after and loving one another in the best way they can. Underpinning this are our Christian values: love, hope, peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion, honesty, patience, perseverance and koinonia (community).


Our values are shared and celebrated in many different ways, and are central to our key policies and procedures. Each week, Rainbow Moments are celebrated in our Friday assembly. Collective Worship themes focus on core values regularly throughout the year.


Here is a link to our Vision and Values Document, which includes information about how we incorporate British Values