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School Closure 2020

On this page, we will publish all relevant updates as we stay closed


2.4.2020 Rainbow Club had fun devising ways to stop an egg from cracking when dropped - thanks Mr Renzi, Mr Tapley & Mrs Reilly for organising this! They also did some yoga and played some table tennis. At home, we've got lots of busy children - learning about pop art, creating Easter gardens, building dens, cooking, writing, geography, and of course making lots of rainbows! Mr Tapley & Mr Renzi took a maths course via Webinar this afternoon, and the staff got together and zoomed. Staff are also starting to phone families just to check in and stay in touch. Finally, a big shout out to Surjit, who is with us every day making sure the school stays clean for us all - thank you!We hope you are all well and staying busy. We miss you all!

1.4.2020 - No tricks played on me today! Just lots of children being very busy in home and at school. Rainbow Club was quiet today, with just 2 children in school (tomorrow looks busier!) The children created a model of a football stadium, looking forward to when we can all get out and about again. Children at home have been busy with their home learning and also saying thank you to all the wonderful people who are working hard to keep us all safe. We sent out a message today as well, asking children to create beautiful pictures to decorate the new Nightingale Hospital - remember to send us photos of your work before you post it all off. Your pictures will really help people feel better whilst in hospital! Finally, the staff are starting to zoom, so we can keep in touch with each other. We miss everyone! Take good care!

31.3.2020 Ms Soulsby had a work at home day today. Rainbow Club did some gymnastics with Miss Robson. Lots of children have been working hard at home and we love seeing their learning. Thank you cards & posters are also beginning to come in - well done, don't forget to send them/post them all, to help brighten up keyworkers' days, keeping them motivated in their hard work!

30.3.2020 So much to share today! Rainbow Club have completed some of their home learning tasks, made their own lunch, made some dream catchers from natural materials and have had some PE outside, all led by Mrs Wilding and Mrs Botrugno. Lots of children have shared their home learning as well, as well as their rainbows and special letters for key workers - well done everyone, and thank you for sharing. We love to see what you're all up to!

27.3.2020 No children in Rainbow Club today, so Ms Soulsby sent all the staff home so they could be safe, and she has spent the day trying to sort out the administrative tasks linked to making sure those people who are entitled to Free School Meals get their vouchers - it's been a huge job! Some of you have let us know what you've been up to today, it looks like you've had a good day! Thank you for your messages and photos! Ms Soulsby also sent out her newsletter, as usual on Friday. We hope you're all ok, and we'll catch up again on Monday. Take care everyone!

26.3.2020 We really appreciate your messages of support - here's a few, thank you so much! Plus some more rainbows, Rainbow Club have completed some home learning, researched their own topics and created presentations, and are now playing some computer games. Ms Soulsby also 'zoomed' with Canaries children - so lovely to see you all!


I also appreciate all the hard work you’ve done over the past days and weeks to prepare for the school closure. The information you’ve provided will be so helpful. The pencil case and note book are just perfect.

I really hope this situation can be resolved ASAP and he again gets to thrive in his learning at St James soon.

Wishing you good health and luck with the future


Well done, Maria, on all you and your team are doing for the children and for the village at large.

 We see your regular newsletter which are always beautifully and thoughtfully expressed, whatever may have come your way from wherever.

 It is a surreal and most unusual time but we think you and the team are doing a great job in coping particularly with so much being really unknown, and with things changing day by day.

 Take care and stay safe you all! And thank you again for all your amazing efforts.


I wanted to say thank you for the enormous efforts of the school lately with all that is going on. Cannot fully imagine how tough it has been! 

 The school is wonderful and we and the kids will miss everyone a great deal. 

 Hope that everyone keeps well. 

25.3.20 We are absolutely loving all your photos of your home learning, and your home rainbows - you are all really helping to brighten up our community! Rainbow Club joined in with Joe Wicks this morning, and have been busy brightening up our rainbow area - they've been painting the fence, and then have planted some wild flower seeds, all of which will really help brighten up a bit of a boring space! We miss you all and hope everyone is keeping well! Ms Soulsby joined in with Robins' Zoom session, it was so lovely to see you all!  Keep sending us your messages!


Some of our home and school rainbows. Rainbow Club have been making friendship bracelets (and learning how to tie knots!) and building dens outside in the glorious sun! Mr Renzi has been to collect the fish and has taken them home where they will be kept safe (the babies are now in their own nursery). Canaries' reindeer has planted some seeds to grow. Molly has written us a lovely letter! We've also uploaded a screenshot of some links to stories to listen to (sorry it's a screenshot and not links!) Hope everyone is still safe and healthy - please keep sending us your photos and messages!


The children of our key workers have named our reduced provision as Rainbow Club....they've spent the day creating their own rainbows, writing diaries, playing games outside with Mr Tapley & have watched a film. At home, our friends have been making rainbows and joining in with Joe Wicks' morning work out.